Situated on the seafront, on a peninsula with approximately 10 kilometers of perimeter. City of perfect waves and great natural beauty, Peniche offers a significant range of leisure options, culture and sport and a wide cultural and religious heritage.

Because of their very specific characteristics, the waves of Peniche were from very early sought to practice various water sports, especially surfing, being now almost impossible to quantify the amount of practitioners of this modality.

The trade has adapted to this reality being numerous activities linked to this sport, surf schools, surf shops, surf camps, manufacturers of boards, among others, have grown at very fast pace.

The stage for major festivals and world championships (supertubos Beach), the beaches of Peniche, allied to the brand adopted ” Peniche Capital of Wave”, have contributed to project the city at a level of practitioners of the sport and target audience, which attract thousands of tourists to the region.


  • Almagreira
  • Belgas
  • Consolação
  • Baleal / Lagide
  • Molhe Leste
  • Porto Batel
  • Praia Norte
  • Supertubos


Peniche features diversity and richness of tourist resources out of the ordinary. Beyond the diversity of water sports, there is a high concentration of potential to be explored from the point of view of tourism. A territory relatively small, attractive linked to nature such as: paragliding and hang gliding, the walks along the coast, with landscapes indescribable, where nature is still well preserved and excellent golf courses.

Owner of a vast and rich cultural heritage, in that stand the monumentality of its historic buildings.

To Visit:

  • Fortaleza de Peniche
  • Igreja de São Pedro
  • Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
  • Igreja da Misericórdia de Peniche
  • Capela de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
  • Praça-forte de Peniche.
  • Muralha de Peniche
  • Farol do Cabo Carvoeiro


The cuisine is influenced by the predominance of fish and seafood. Land where ” The people embraced the sea…”, being the fishing the main economic activity, the immense restaurants offer wide and rich variety of fresh fish, where you find the “Caldeirada de Peniche”and “Grilled sardines,” among many others.

Restaurants, nightclubs and bars, make the night in Peniche an environment quite lively, that adds up occasionally with the famous traditional festivities in the city where they adhere many visitors.

The local handicrafts is quite rich, and the famous bobbin lace to be appreciated by the hands of the artisans themselves and acquired in various locations around the city.

Other points of interest:

  • Berlengas – Composed of three groups of islands, boat trip from Peniche. Visit the Fort of St. John the Baptist.
  • Cabo Carvoeiro – The geological formation reveals true natural shows where you can observe unique structures and contemplate the sea up to the Berlengas.
  • Atouguia da Baleia – Several churches and other places of historic interest worth visiting.


Situated at 80km from Lisbon, to reach coming from Lisbon, follow the A8 motorway or by IC1 for Caldas da Rainha. Then follows by IP6 to Peniche.